Environmental Policy

We are keen to ensure that any possible environmental impact is as low as possible during manufacture, use and disposal of our boot racks.

We only use wood from well-managed forests to ensure that our product does not harm forest conservation or the lives of people who live and work in forests.

We minimise the amount of packaging used for our Wellington boot racks and what we do use is reusable and recyclable.

We adhere to the 'reduce, reuse, recycle' principle. We reuse office stationary wherever possible. Furniture, electrical hardware and other items are recycled via Freecycle and other local recycling methods. Non-essential car journeys are avoided.

We favour local suppliers, manufacturers and service providers.

We care about our local community and produce a village website www.perranuthnoe.com

If you have any questions/comments about our eco policy please feel free to contact us.